Access.1 restructure puts two FMs on the block


The ownership lineup of broadcast group Access.1 Communications Corporation is changing, and that will cost two over-sized radio clusters their grandfathered status. That means two FMs will be going under the TLC of Elliot Evers for resale.

The stations are KSYR-FM Benton LA and KCUL-FM Marshall TX.

Evers, a broker with Media Venture Partners, is taking control of the stations as Cosecha Communications LLC as Trustee, and colleague Patricia Carberry-Harris is listed as an officer of the assignee.

Evers has been instructed to keep diversity of the airwaves in mind as he goes about selling the stations. The contract stipulates that he is to “…use commercially reasonable efforts to market the Station Assets for sale to entities owned or controlled by minorities and/or women,” and says offers from such buyers should be favored over other offers.

KSYR-FM is a Class A on 92.1 MHz with 6 kW @ 322’. It serves the Shreveport LA market, putting a primary contour over almost all of the urbanized area with a signal beaming in from the north.

KCUL-FM is a Class A on 92.3 MHz with 5.8 kW @ 328’. It is nominally in the Tyler-Longview TX market, but mainly serves an area to the east of the market. It barely gets to the eastern part of Longview and doesn’t serve Tyler at all. It is actually almost dead center between Longview and Shreveport, located to its east.

The reorganization of Access.1 was set in motion upon the death of majority owner Sydney L. Small 12/20/10. Anthony J. Small became administrator of his estate, and is transferring shares to A.1 Holdco, which will be controlled by A.1 Investco, which in turn is controlled by Todd Boehly. It will have a 52.34% majority stake in the newly organized company.

It’s portfolio mostly lands on the radio side, and includes the following:

New York

New Jersey
WGYM-AM Hammonton NJ (serves area between Atlantic City and Philadelphia)
WMGM-TV Wildwood NJ NBC, identifies with Atlantic City
WMGM-LP Atlantic City NJ

Tyler-Longview TX
KCUL-AM Marshall TX
*KCUL-FM Marshall TX
KOOI-FM Jacksonville TX
KYKX-FM Longview TX
KOYE-FM Frankston TX
KFRO-AM Longview TX

Shreveport LA
KBTT-FM Haughton LA
*KSYR-FM Benton LA
KOKA-AM Shreveport LA
KDKS-FM Blanchard LA
KTAL-FM Texarkana TX (serves both Texarkana and Shreveport)
* transfer to Cosecha Communications LLC as Trustee pending