Access, and Analysis, of Cross-Media Campaign Data Comes To FreeWheel


Users of the FreeWheel Strata ad management platform now have access to a single source of insights, giving them greater knowledge of how to budget for a cross-media campaign from the Comcast Company-owned system.

Introducing the Strata platform Data Warehouse, which Comcast says is interoperable with agencies’ existing business intelligence solutions.

“Advertisers have historically faced several challenges when accessing and analyzing insights into their advertising campaigns,” Comcast says. “They often pull insights from multiple locations and platforms, which provide a fragmented look at their media performance. The process of multiple data interfaces can also be cumbersome and time consuming even for the most seasoned data analysts.”

Strata Data Warehouse users are promised a simple, consolidated multimarket cross-media report, something FreeWheel Chief Revenue Officer Mark McKee says is a “must” in today’s ad environment.

“This is valuable time that can be used to put these new insights to work to power the planning, execution, and optimization of their media campaigns,” he says.

Data Warehouse will be available to all Strata users in April and is currently being used in beta phase by five Strata agencies, including Harmelin.

Cooper-Smith, a full-service media agency headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, has also been using Data Warehouse to access and analyze campaign data.

Later this quarter, FreeWheel will be launching the next phase of Data Warehouse that will include deeper analytic tools. These capabilities, says Comcast, will provide “extensive functionality to all agency users – from buying and planning to finance teams. The tool will provide visual reporting options, drag and drop functionality and customization based on users’ needs.”