Ad Council to utilize Backchannelmedia


Backchannelmedia that The Advertising Council is now utilizing its TV-to-Internet Click Through technology to help connect viewing audiences to more information about the issues addressed by the organization’s PSA campaigns.  Four current campaigns will feature TV-to-Internet Click Through interactivity during Backchannelmedia’s Project New England Market Trials: Obesity Prevention, Inspiring Invention, Adoption and Autism Awareness.

Using the Backchannelmedia system, TV viewers have a convenient way to learn more about various interests by interacting with small, non-intrusive “clickable moments” in both programming and traditional commercial television spots.  Viewers click on their remote control and forward bookmarks of their favorite TV content to a personalized and secure web site on the Internet for follow-up at the viewer’s leisure.  Backchannelmedia’s technology allows viewers to learn more information about the Ad Council’s campaigns, sponsors and how to get involved in related causes.