AdsWizz Gets Integrated With Google Display and Video 360


A fresh integration between a digital audio ad firm and one of the world’s biggest tech giants will open up Pandora to audio ad buys via its “Display and Video 360” tool.

AdsWizz and its global audio marketplace, AdWave, are now integrated with Google Display and Video 360.

AdsWizz AudioMax is the audio SSP powering Pandora’s programmatic buying solution.  AdsWizz AudioMax is also the Supply Side Platform used by many premium audio publishers today.

AdWave has more than 3 billion global audio ad impressions every month, enabling buyers to reach their target audience in an optimized listening experience and is available through sales partners in the US, Europe, and around the world.

“The combination of AdsWizz and Pandora advertising solutions enables advertisers using Google Display and Video 360 to access the largest source of audio ad inventory available,” AdsWizz says.

With more than 68 million monthly listeners, Pandora represents two-thirds of all digital audio inventory, making it the largest publisher of digital audio ads in the U.S.

“The integration of AdsWizz and Pandora with Display and Video 360 represents a seismic shift in opportunity for advertisers,” said Alexis van de Wyer, CEO of AdsWizz. “For the first time ever, the largest ad-supported audio platform, Pandora, and all the major publishers using AudioMax, our SSP, are partnered with the largest buy-side platform, providing incredible scale in audio like never before for our clients.”

The audio market has exploded in recent years, with the growth of streaming music, podcasts, and in-home smart speakers bringing it front and center as an advertising medium. Some 25% of consumer time spent on mobile devices is going to music, podcasts, and other audio, with the average American spending 4.5 hours a day listening to streaming media.

The audio ad industry grew nearly 40% in 2017, and brands are planning significant increases in audio in the coming year to tap into the engaging power that the medium commands, AdsWizz says.