Advertisers seeking national :10s


While many advertisers are facing leaner marketing budgets in 2009, Bruce Media of Burbank, California, has harnessed the power of :10 second promotional advertising to help propel their clients in front of national television audiences. Bruce Media is projecting that the use of promotional :10s will grow in 2009 because of their obvious cost advantages and indisputable effectiveness.

“The beauty of :10 second promotional advertising is that you can reach large consumer audiences for about 20% of the cost of national :30s,” said David Bruce, President of Bruce Media. “More importantly, these spots are integrated into national television shows and air as program content, thereby setting them apart from the clutter of regular commercial breaks and making them virtually ‘TIVO’ resistant.”

Recall averages of :10s are proven to be 78% as effective as :30s, and nearly identical to :15s (78% vs. 80%). With the company’s list of more than 70 national shows including Oprah, Dr. Phil, Rachael Ray, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Martha Stewart, Seinfeld, Inside Edition, CNN, and Entertainment Tonight, advertisers can stretch their marketing dollars while establishing a national brand presence they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford during tough economic times.