AES President’s Award Goes To Robert Orban


Broadcast industry audio processing pioneer Robert Orban has been named as the recipient of the inaugural Audio Engineering Society President’s Award.

Orban and fellow collaborators were honored for technical achievement in drafting TC Document TD1008: “Recommendations for Loudness of Internet Audio Streaming and On-Demand Distribution.”

The award recognizes contributions to the goals of AES that are made collaboratively in groups; Orban shares this award with David Bialik, Rob Byers, Jim Coursey, Eelco Grimm, Bob Katz, John Kean, Scott Norcross, Shawn Singh, Jim Starzynski and Alessandro Travaglini.

“Bob’s work with his fellow industry luminaries will go a long way toward improving the user experience for billions of internet listeners,” said Orban President David Day. “His leadership and expertise in the processing arena are second to none. We are honored to work with Bob on a daily basis.”

Mr. Orban commented, “The process took nearly two years with weekly Zoom meetings. Our group was quite large and brought a wealth of ideas to the table, but it did take some time to sort out everyone’s thoughts and present a comprehensive recommendation to the AES. I enjoyed working with this prestigious group of audio engineering experts.”

The AES President’s Award was presented in an online ceremony in mid-December along with technical, fellowship and Board of Governors’ Awards.


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