AI-Powered Media Attribution App Arrives


Just in time for the 2018 Radio Show in Orlando: Here’s the arrival of “an AI-powered media attribution application that tracks the efficacy of advertising in broadcast radio and television.”

The company bringing it to market? Veritone Inc.

Introducing Veritone Attribute, which delivers customer behavior impact analytics from pre-recorded, native, and organic mentions. Veritone says it enables broadcasters to systematically verify and analyze the effect of the customers’ advertising placements in near real-time.

Veritone says the new tool “empowers broadcaster sales representatives and campaign managers to demonstrate an advertiser’s campaign effectiveness and reveal data-driven insights for optimization of ad placements to drive greater customer return on investment (ROI), helping to drive increases in customer advertising spending.”

As has been discussed in webinars hosted by RBR+TVBR and Streamline Publishing’s Radio Ink, today’s manual ad verification workflows are often painfully slow, with attribution analysis incomplete. “By the time broadcasters are able to report on ad placements and their customers attempt to manually correlate online transactions, campaigns have often already run their course before the ad placements can be optimized,” Veritone notes. “In the end, advertisers are left with incomplete broadcast attribution data, making it difficult for broadcasters to demonstrate the value of advertising campaigns during contract negotiations in order to keep and increase the ad spend of their customers.”

Veritone Attribute is designed to give broadcasters and their advertising customers data that allow them to make informed cause and effect connections between any reference to an advertiser during a broadcast, such as a pre-produced spot, a live read, or an organic mention, and the desired target audience’s actions taken on the advertiser’s website.

“Advertisers gain assurance in their broadcast advertising investments through a data-driven feedback loop that identifies areas of optimization across ad placements, dayparts, and ad creatives to drive the greatest ROI,” Veritone says.

Veritone Attribute will be generally available beginning in Q4.

Visitors can see a demo of the Veritone Attribute solution at the 2018 Radio Show in Orlando, between today (9/25) and Friday, Sept. 28. Veritone will be at Booth 86. 

Key capabilities and benefits of Veritone Attribute include:

  • Systematic ad verification — Automatically verify pre-recorded spots with playout log and audio fingerprint monitoring as well as live reads through natural language processing (NLP)-driven watchlists in near real-time
  • Prove ad efficacy — Measure online response to customer advertising campaigns with intelligent correlation of the advertiser’s Google Analytics website data and broadcaster playout logs
  • Measure organic response — Create watchlists to automatically monitor broadcasts for organic customer brand or product mentions, then measure their impact
  • Simple customer reporting — Programmatically develop customer radio attribution reports with a near real-time advertising analytics dashboard organizable by advertiser or campaign view
  • Optimize ad placement — Leverage programmatic campaign response data to empower customers to A/B test ads, optimizing creative, messaging, placement, duration, and daypart to drive greater customer ROI