Air America renews New York flagship


Three core shows from the Air America lineup have extended their time on the airwaves in the nation’s largest market, New York City. The network announced a renewal of its agreement with Access.1 Communications’ WWRL-AM to continue airing “The Rachel Maddow Show,” “Montel Across America” and “The Ron Reagan Show.” 

“Making sure our listeners in the New York area continue to have access to their favorite Air America programming was a key goal of our conversations with our friends at WWRL,” said Bill Hess, Sr. VP of Programming, Air America Media.  “The Ron Reagan Show’s growth in New York has been explosive, and the opportunities to continue the success of both Montel and Rachel make this a strong package for both the network and WWRL,” he added.

No details were forthcoming from Air America on the length of the extension.

WWRL bills itself as “New York’s Progressive Talk.” It airs a local morning show and a couple of health programs. The rest of its daily lineup is syndicated liberal talk. In addition to the Air America trio, the broadcast day includes Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz, Al Sharpton and Alan Colmes.