Alan Berg’s murder mastermind dies in prison


White supremacist David Lane, convicted of masterminding the murder of KOA-AM Denver talk host Alan Berg in 1984, has died in a federal prison at age 68. The local coroner in Terre Haute, IN has ruled that Lane died of natural causes related to epilepsy, having failed to take his medication for some time. Lane had been sentenced to 150 years in prison in 1987 after being convicted of federal civil rights violations for the machine-gunning of Berg in the driveway of his Denver home, although the actual gunmen were never identified.

The radio host had repeatedly criticized Lane and other founders of the white supremacist group branded "The Order" by the media. Lane and 19 other members of the group were convicted of conspiracy and racketeering charges in 1985, a year after Berg's murder, and Lane was tried two years later for the killing. In all, he was sentenced to 190 years in prison and served 22 before his death this week. Lane had continued to write from his prison cell on anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism and Wotanism.