All My Children Erica, Bianca, Greenlee work together


Monday- Colby and Damon talk about having sex. She admits she doesn’t want to have any doubts when they actually have sex for the first time and he agrees to wait even though it’s obvious he’s frustrated over her change of heart. Concerned for her daughter, Liza thinks she’s about to catch the two in the act but all she finds is them talking.  Damon texts Liza one of the half naked pictures he took, causing her to get upset and cut the evening short with Tad.  Jesse allows David to talk to Greenlee who apologizes for opening her mouth.  Jesse questions David who won’t give up anything, and claims that Ryan was putting words in Greenlee’s mouth. She follows her husband’s lead and admits that she only felt guilty about Erica because she had wished she’d disappear due to their ongoing feud.  Both David and Greenlee are released.

Tuesday – In a confrontation with Caleb, Erica finds her cell phone in his pocket.  She holds him at gunpoint with one of his rifles and tries to leave the cabin. After Madison suggests they search for Erica, Greenlee fires her.  Greenlee plans on moving forward with Fusion and instructs her employees to remove all Erica references from their product line.  Bianca shows up and threatens Greenlee. JR tells Annie he wants closure by having sex with him one last time.  Scott tells Annie that unlike JR, he wants more than one night of sex.

Wednesday – Erica falls into a pit and Caleb helps pull her out. Erica passes out in his arms. Jackson and Krystal find Caleb’s cabin.  Jackson calls and gives Bianca the news that he’s found the plane’s debris but not Erica.  Ryan and David have a confrontation in the park.   David puts Angie on notice that he’s in charge of the hospital now and threatens to fire Frankie. Jesse worries about Angie’s health.

Thursday – Erica talks about her past hoping Caleb will do the same. All he’ll say is there was a woman in his life but doesn’t give any further details. Jackson and Erica are reunited when Erica and Caleb return to the cabin. Upon leaving the woods with Jackson and Krystal, Erica tries to find Caleb to thank him but he’s nowhere to be found. Opal warns David that according to her tea leaves something bad is going to happen to him. Bianca gets a call from Erica, letting her know she’s alive. Bianca insists that she will get to the bottom of the Miranda Scandal. Annie tells JR she slept with Scott.  JR suggests they figure out a way to coexist and be a family. While the two pretend their relationships with Scott and Marissa are satisfying, it’s obvious the sexual tension is still there.

Friday – Worried about Brot’s reaction to the fire, Jesse asks Natalia to try and find out what’s been going on in his head. Angie and Jesse wonder if her recent health issues are related to pregnancy.  After taking a test Angie learns she isn’t pregnant. Jesse’s clearly disappointed and while sitting in the park, thinks about having children to play with. Angie tries to cope with blurry vision and she fakes reading some paperwork. Liza and Tad are enjoying a daytime date at the Yacht Club, but when Colby and Damon come over to say hello things become tense for Liza.  Damon taunts Liza with the photo’s he has of her and she has a panic attack. Damon gives Liza drugs saving her from having a full blown attack. 

VCR Alerts  get ready for this week on All My Children

Monday, 6/21  
Jackson makes a proposal.
Scott tries to get his hands on Palmer’s will.
JR has a change of heart.

Tuesday, 6/22  
Greenlee is shocked to see Erica.
David drugs Bianca.
Scott comes to Annie’s rescue.

Wednesday, 6/23   
Fusion is shut down.
Liza is warned about Damon.
Bianca promises David he will pay.

Thursday, 6/24   
Tad shares his adoption plans with Damon.
Erica, Bianca and Greenlee agree to work together to save Fusion.
Caleb is unable to stop thinking about Erica.

Friday, 6/25  
Angie’s health continues to decline.
David and Angie have a confrontation. 
Natalia makes detective.

(source: ABC)