'All My Children' who is the thief


Here we go: JR calls Scott out on being a thief then JR tries to convince Marissa not to leave him. Look out, Scott tells Annie he wants to get married right away. Here is what is ahead this week on All My Children:

Monday, 8/16  
JR calls Scott out on being a thief.
Damon and Colby offer Asher some cash.
Ryan leaves the hospital against Kendall’s wishes.

Tuesday, 8/17  
JR tries to convince Marissa not to leave him.  
Annie asks JR to burn the proof that Scott stole Palmer’s idea.
David questions Kendall and Zack as to why they returned to Pine Valley.

Wednesday, 8/18  
Jesse accompanies Angie to her sonogram appointment.
Jake talks with Amanda about Angie’s plan to have him take over as Chief of Staff.
Frankie opens up to Madison about what’s happening with Angie.

Thursday, 8/19  
David sees Angie have an attack that affects her vision.
Madison tells Greenlee to leave Ryan alone.
Natalia witnesses her brother and Madison sharing a tender moment.

Friday, 8/20  
Annie admits her worries about being abandoned.   
Scott tells Annie he wants to get married right away.
Angie and Jesse fill Caleb in on David’s wrongdoings

If you missed anything last week here is a quick recap:

Monday-Not wanting to deal with David and his questions regarding Ryan, Greenlee uses work as an excuse. Annie begs JR not to tell anyone about Scott stealing Palmer’s idea. She points out what Scott did was a smart business move and could save Chandler/Cortlandt Electronics.  Unbeknownst to them, Marissa takes off after witnessing a tender moment between JR & Annie. Since Greenlee won’t tell him what’s going on, Ryan says he’ll be out of the hospital soon and plans on finding out what David is doing to her.  He tells Jake his plan to fake a relapse to get Greenlee to talk.  Kendall goes to see Ryan at the hospital.

Tuesday -Encore Episode of “General Hospital.”

Wednesday-Ryan fills Kendall in on what’s been going on with Greenlee and she agrees to try and help.  Jake tells Greenlee that Ryan has taken a turn for the worse. After Marissa tells Scott what she “thinks she saw” between her JR and Annie, the two console each other and  have sex.  Afterwards, Marissa says she must leave JR. JR tells Annie she’s an addiction that is harder to overcome than alcohol.  Annie insists they keep their promise to remain friends. Caleb senses something’s wrong with Krystal and she talks to him about Marissa. Having left JR, Marissa shows up at Krystal’s with her suitcase in hand.

Thursday- Angie tells Jesse he must accept her decision to stop taking the meds for her vision and focus on getting his job back.  Jesse asks Frankie to keep searching for alternatives for Angie. Jesse asks Mayor Iris for his job back. David goes to Liza for assistance in blackmailing Greenlee and she agrees to help. Ryan asks Greenlee to work with him and fight David together. Kendall and Bianca reconnect and catch up on what’s going on in their lives.  Bianca admits that she and Reese are on a trial separation as a result of Reese/Zach. 

Friday- Krystal helps Caleb and gives him a makeover. Damon expresses to Tad his desire to stop taking his meds as he believes he’ll be okay without them. Colby has several encounters with Asher. Marissa tells JR regardless of whether or not he slept with Annie their marriage is over. Scott confronts Annie and she’s appalled that after all their promises he would think she slept with JR.  Realizing that nothing happened, Scott feels guilty for what he’s done. Scott tells Marissa nothing happened between Annie and JR and now they’ve just made things worse.  Marissa thinks they should tell JR and Annie that they slept together. 
(source: ABC)