AM 870 The Answer adjusts morning show


Salem CommunicationsSalem Communications’ News Talker in LA, AM 870 The Answer (KRLA), has added Elisha Krauss to the morning team replacing Heidi Harris. Krauss will join Brian Whitman and Ben Shapiro in the new morning show they are calling “The Morning Answer.”

Krauss is best known for her years as senior producer on the Sean Hannity show, the second most listened to talk show in history. Whitman and Shapiro joined the morning team at KRLA last summer and will continue to perform wake-up duties with this new team. Whitman is an LA radio veteran, while Shapiro is Editor-At-Large at and New York Times best selling author.

“After being behind the scenes in radio for years I know this is a huge opportunity to share my conservative beliefs with the KRLA audience everyday.” said Krauss, who first came to the attention of the talk radio world as an 18 year old freshman intern at WABC in New York while attending the King’s College in Manhattan. It didn’t take her long to impress WABC Program Director Phil Boyce, who assigned her to the Sean Hannity show where she eventually rose to the ranks of senior producer.

Boyce is now VP/Director of Spoken Word Format for Salem Communications.

“Elisha impressed me from the day we first met when she applied to be an intern,” said Boyce. “She had been home schooled in Oklahoma, but here she was in Manhattan making a name for herself as a freshman and I was immediately impressed with her character, integrity and maturity.” On the Hannity show, Krauss put the program together daily, booking guests and managing the behind the scenes efforts of this highly rated radio program. In this new job, she will take those skills to the other side of the microphone and show LA morning audience what she thinks about the days breaking news.


  1. BOO! Bad move! The new girl is so boring. Heidi made me laugh every morning. I’m changing stations. I’m looking for Heidi. Wow! What a mistake! Bye-bye KRLA!

  2. WOW! I’m sorry Heidi will not be on the 870 show any longer. I liked her and enjoyed her input to the program. I wish her well.

    I’ve been listening to Elisha for a few days and I’m sure she will be up to the challenge; and I know that most of us, listeners (radio-oyentes), will lend her an ear as she starts her new adventure with 870.


  3. What a damn shame. Heidi Harris had it together with her great sense of humor and super common sense on all issues. New lady Elisha doesn’t even come to close to Heidi. She is to agreeable with Whitman. Ben Shapiro is a good guy but the show is now B O R I N G. Have to go someplace else for good and honest talk.

  4. I thought Heidi Harris was the perfact balance for your morning show. When she started the show it was too much Heidi, then Brian and Ben were added and the chemisty and balance were perfect. Heide was articulate, smart and funny it a mildly sarcastic way. The replacement is “nice.”

    I hope Heidi found something good because she was great on the show.

  5. Big mistake…Heidi was great!
    Now I will have to start listening to that blow hard Bill Handel again.
    What a shame, you just sent your station straight back to sub-pare thanks to that ridiculous move.

  6. Krauss is obviously new to being an on-air personality but I find it amazing how less radical Whitman has become. I think it will eventually just be Whitman and Shapiro, Krauss just doesn’t have the strong personality that Harris had. But Harris obviously forced Whitman further to the left often to ridiculous extremes.

  7. this station is lost without Heidi would have been nice to have given some sort of warning? I am big on talk radio and found her way better the rush oh well show sucks now. back to kfi

  8. I gave her time, but still, she is so boring. She really doesn’t have much of a personality except “nice.” Unfortunately, that won’t attract listeners. I have never laughed once at anything Elisha has ever said. Heidi used to make me laugh continuously. Elisha just agrees and doesn’t really add much to the mix. Make Heidi a generous offer to return. It will boost your ratings off the charts. Sorry Elisha. I know you’re nice, but I enjoyed laughing during my commute.

  9. Heidi was fantastic. Elisha just doesn’t have the quick-paced dry humor or intellect (at least to articulate her points) – to keep up with Whitman or Shapiro. Her additions to the conversation are either after-thoughts or redundant. I almost cringe hearing her try to be funny. She may be talented behind the scenes–but she’s no Heidi in front of the mic. It’s not a matter of experience, it’s a matter of talent and personality, so don’t wait it out. Bring back Heidi and spin it to your advantage somehow.

  10. Give Elisha a Sherry’s Berries Gift box and send her back to Sean where she did an awesome job. Some people are just NOT on air personalities. then … Find Heidi. Double her salary. Bring her back. If she won’t come willingly kidnap her and RESCUE YOUR MORNING ANSWER SHOW. I like Bruan and Ben and Elisha seems like nice but like I get like really like tired of listening to what sounds like Brian’s jr high daughter like daughter in for like bring like your daughter to work day. Like wow awesome. BRING BACK HEIDI

  11. I agree that Heidi is much more entertaining than Elisha. I’m conflicted between feeling sorry for Elisha and being angry and wondering what Sean Hannity promised them to give her a chance…she’s better behind the show not the microphone.

    • When Elisha goes on maternity leave, please let it be permanent. I can’t take her anymore. She tries so hard to be funny, but zero success. Brian and Ben don’t even have the same attraction as they used to. Elisha keeps trying to jump in and say something interesting. Ben and Brian politely let her say it. Then I roll my eyes and wince. I keep giving it a try, but I just end up changing the dial every time. If you can’t get Heidi back, you need to find someone similar to her or you will lose a huge percentage of your listeners.

  12. I’m a life long Liberal who listen to this show every morning. I’m disappointed Heidi has been replaced by Krauss. Elisha is unable to keep up with the fast paced nature of the show. In fact she’s too redundant, almost as if she’s rephrasing what ben or brian said. I’ve given it time to grow on me but she still sounds monotone. Please bring back Heidi or someone comparable.

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