AM station returns to commercial fold


In an era when an increasing number of commercial-band radio stations are going the non-profit route, at least one — WUCO-AM in Marysville OH – is going back the other way.

St. Gabriel Radio Inc. is the non-commercial outfit selling the station. It’s headed by Marc C. Hawk.

The buyer is ICS Communications Inc., headed by Mark Litton. It will pay $225K for the station, making a $5K deposit, adding $20K cash for a $25K closing day payment and then striking a promissory note for the remaining $200K.

Marysville is northwest of state capital Columbus. ICS has two stations that are generally in the same area, east of Marysville and north of Columbus, including WDLR-AM Delaware OH and WVXG-FM Mount Gilead OH.

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