Americans deliver their State of Union: 84.5% Recession Not Over


Seems the research on Americans speaking out can predict what will happen before it does like Wall Street and the market dropping Americans back to March of 2009 portfolio levels. Again, the Obama administration speaks: the day after Scott Brown won MA what happened?  Obama hits the banks and starts the decline faster than a screen door slamming in a wind storm.

The President just doesn’t get it, never has built a small business so he as well as many members of Congress would never know the pain of the private small business owner. To them small business or job recovery is always related to a person with a shovel in their hand. Ever notice the video clips run on newscasts? Never shows a person in sales, accounting, but always with a shovel.

Americans also tend to believe that the senatorial election in Massachusetts was a sign for lawmakers to scrap the current healthcare reform.

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The research below from American Pulse™ Survey is collected online by BIGresearch.

Majority Say Start Healthcare Reform Again and No More Sweetheart Deals Americans Give Their Own State of the Union-
Plus Who They Would Vote for President An overwhelming majority (84.5%) of Americans say the recession is not over, according to the latest American Pulse survey of 5,367 Americans.7.2% are more optimistic saying the worst recession since the 1930s is behind us while 8.3% aren’t sure.

Americans also tend to believe that the senatorial election in Massachusetts was a sign for lawmakers to scrap the current healthcare reform (62.3%) and start over with a more bipartisan effort. In addition, politicians should forget about backroom deal-making; 66% of Americans say it’s unfair and shouldn’t be allowed.

Not surprisingly, the economy and healthcare didn’t receive high marks when Americans were asked to grade the current state of the Union.

For each of the following key issues, assign a grade for how well you think the U.S. is doing:   

                                 National  War in  War in      Job          
              Economy Healthcare Security  Iraq    Afghanistan Creation Immigration
A  Excellent  2.5%    2.8%       5.2%      3.7%    3.4%        2.7%     2.1%
B  Good       7.5%    11.3%      28.2%     19.3%   15.3%       9.6%     8.8%
C  Fair       28.9%   27.9%      35.6%     32.9%   33.7%       25.8%    29.2%
D  Poor       41.7%   34.5%      19.2%     24.0%   27.3%       33.7%    26.8%
F  Failure    19.3%   23.5%      11.9%     20.0%   20.3%       28.2%    33.1%

Americans are split when asked if they trust President Obama (50.5% say yes, 49.5% say no). 36.5% of registered voters say they would vote for him if the election were held today (flat from last month’s 37.1% reading), leaving 63.5% who would vote for someone else. And “the someone else” is…
If the Presidential Election were held today, who would you vote for?

                    Registered    Registered    Registered   Registered           
                    Voters        Republicans   Democrats    Independents
President Obama     36.5%         9.9%          62.4%        31.7%
Hillary Clinton     14.3%         4.4%          21.7%        12.1%
Mike Huckabee       8.5%          18.7%         1.8%         8.3%
Mitt Romney         7.5%          14.8%         1.5%         10.6%
Sarah Palin         10.6%         21.8%         2.3%         10.0%
Someone else        22.7%         30.4%         10.3%        27.3%

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