An ABC Radio Network Entertainment Reporter’s Star Dishes


ABC Radio Network entertainment reporter Bill Diehl is out with a book.

’50 Years Of Celebrity Chatter (Or The Time I interviewed A Porn Star Naked)‘ has stories and quotes from almost all the well-knowns he’s talked with over the years.

Diehl dug deep into his archives for the collection, bringing back great memories, “It’s been a great ride,” said Diehl.

Among those chiming in on Diehl’s career: Barbara Walters.

“Bill Diehl has interviewed me countless times over the course of our respective careers,” she said. “His knowledge of the entertainment business is vast and his insight is always keen.”

The book is available on Amazon. It is available in paperback form for $12.95, and on Kindle devices for $7.95.

— Radio Ink


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