‘An Innovative Audience Measurement Platform’ To Consider?


A company specializing in audience measurement products for the Media & Entertainment sector has launched a new product aimed at content providers who wish to understand the behavior of their audiences.

NeuroMedia Software’s NeuroMedia Analytics is now available, and the Belgian company says it is a cross-media solution for audience measurement.

“NeuroMedia Analytics recognizes that the pace of change in media consumption and related technology is faster than ever in the era of streaming,” the company says. “This means that the requirement of M&E organizations to enhance their understanding of audience behavior via comprehensive, accurate and consistent analytics is increasingly acute. By making some parts of its new platform open-source and supportable by SDK extensions, NeuroMedia Software has addressed this demand with a flexible solution that can keep pace with media consumption patterns.”

Available in three versions (Startup, Professional and Enterprise), it can be deployed on users’ and partners’ on-premise infrastructure allowing full control over data processing and storage, or in cloud/Software as a Service (SaaS) mode.

Underlining its suitability for a myriad of existing and emerging workflows, NeuroMedia Analytics is compatible with all major content delivery networks and all modern streaming technologies. Providing a host of possibilities for integration with existing business intelligence systems, the platform also delivers unified reporting from different sources via a single tool, with data illustrated efficiently via graphics, grids, location maps and more.

Pierre Mengal, Managing Director of NeuroMedia Software, commented, “From the largest media organisations to the latest streaming services, the appetite for flexible and comprehensive data analysis and management is more intense than ever. By leveraging the advantages of technologies that utilise census and panellised data, our major new platform delivers a level of accuracy and behavioural understanding that is unparalleled in the market.”

— RBR+TVBR European Desk, in Kaiserslautern, Germany