An LPFM Rule Reconsideration On The FCC’s July Agenda


Acting FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel has outlined the agenda for the agency’s June 17 Open Commission Meeting.

While radio and TV broadcasting leaders have had little of late to be mindful of, there is a matter involving low-power radio stations that may be worthy of your attention.

“While school is letting out and long-postponed vacations are getting underway, the FCC is still hard at work, and I am pleased to announce a packed agenda for our June meeting,” Rosenworcel said on Thursday (5/27).

With the expansion of the Commission’s efforts to secure the nation’s communications networks beyond the agency’s universal service programs topping the agenda, Rosenworcel also noted that the Commission will be voting on rules to expand FEMA’s ability to send Wireless Emergency Alerts that disseminate important information during national emergencies, to improve emergency communications organization and planning at the state level, and to enable new reporting for false alerts.

There are other items likely to gain national attention, such as robocalls and spoofed call legislation.

For radio, “We’re addressing diverse, local voices in the media,” Rosenworcel says.

“Last year, the Commission modified the low power FM (LPFM) engineering rules to improve LPFM reception and options for station relocation while maintaining core LPFM goals of simplicity, diversity, and localism.  This June, we will address two petitions seeking reconsideration of those rule changes, which will provide clarity and finality to these rules, bringing us one step closer to opening an application window for new LPFM stations.”

The June Open Commission Hearing is scheduled for June 17 at 10:30am Eastern.