An Over IP Uncompressed Gateway Converter, From MuxLab


MuxLab’s HDMI 2.0/ST2110 over IP Uncompressed Gateway Converter (model 500774) is being marketed for its ability to integrate standard AV equipment within commercial broadcast environments.

Also being touted by MuxLab are “a host of useful features.”

Specifically, the new product gives broadcasters the ability to deliver next generation HDMI 2.0 signals throughout a studio over a 10G Ethernet network at uncompressed [email protected] resolutions while supporting SMPTE ST-2110.

This allows legacy AV equipment to interoperate with newer ST-2110 supported AV devices.

Cameras, other source devices and displays using HDMI can all connect to a local 10G Ethernet network that can support numerous devices, all matrixed together and accessible from any location.  All connected cameras can be viewed on any display on the network at any time.

The system can also be used in a more traditional one-to-one signal distribution that sends uncompressed [email protected] up to 1300ft. (400m) using one duplex multimode OM4 fiber with LC connectors.

External audio can be inserted at the source and extracted at the display to accompany the audio/video signal present on the HDMI. One 1G Ethernet Switch port is provided for the connection of additional network devices, as well an RS232 port for the remote control of end devices.

To better improve performance, MuxLab’s HDMI 2.0/ST2110 over IP Uncompressed Gateway Converter includes a RestAPI that allows the gateway converter and all connected equipment to be controlled by NMOS management platforms.