Analysis of NYC numbers: PPM vs. Diary


Here’s a quick take on the NYC numbers for 15 of the top stations—PPM vs. Diary for October, based on extrapolations. Most stations which grew in share did not grow in actual AQH—the share being a function of PUR more than in actual AQH.  Another column in the analysis looks at actual hours and minutes of TSL lost. While many stations gained share, the only stations to report gains in actual AQH persons are WKTU (in 18-34) and WHTZ (in 25-54). These gains are really small, however (less than 10%).All stations gained cume—the average station doubled its cume, in fact. Difference in TSL is equally as huge, with the average TSL loss in 18-34 being six hours and the average TSL loss in 25-54 being five hours. Average station lost 26% in AQH in PPM in 25-54 and 34% in 18-34.“The average station AQH loss of about 30% tells me the ‘100 diary GRPs equaling 70 PPM GRPs holds true in NY and Nassau-Suffolk—just like Houston and Philadelphia,” one industry researcher told RBR.| See the analysis chart here |