And a tall cool frothy one for the winner


The One Club winnowed down a list of 32 excellent examples of beer commercials going back 15 years to come up with a top 10 list, picked on an internet survey that attracted over 17K participants. The #1 beer commercial was an entry from Down Under.

Back in 2006, an spot called “Big Ad” that advertised Carlton Draught was put together by George Patterson Y&R of Melbourne, Australia. It wound up as the number one entry, edging out Budweiser’s DDB/Chicago entry, “Wassup?” which came out in 2000.

The One Club said all 32 of the entries had won its 32 Pencil and Merit award. The Club has been in existence since 1975 and its goal is to promote high standards and creative excellence in advertising.
Here is the top ten list:

1. “Big Ad” for Carlton Draught – George Patterson Y&R/Melbourne (2006)
2. “Wassup?” for Budweiser – DDB/Chicago (2000)
3. “Noitulove” for Guinness – AMV BBDO/London (2006)
4. “Pure Waters” for Lion Nathan – Publicis Mojo/Millers Point (2010)
5. “Surfers” for Guinness – AMV BBDO/London (2000)
6. “Dude” for Bud Light – DDB/Chicago (2008)
7. “Rollerblading” for Dos Equis – Euro RSCG/New York (2009)
8. “Jai Alai” for Dos Equis – Euro RSCG/New York (2010)
9. “Tiger – Taste in this Life” for DB Brewery – Saatchi & Saatchi/Auckland (2007)
10. “Mr. Really, Really, Really Bad Dancer” for Bud Light – DDB/Chicago (2004)

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