And the royalty hits keep on coming


PandoraThe ensuing developments in the aftermath of the historic Sirius XM loss to the Turtles, and the loss’s implications for all pre-1972 recordings played on digital media, have been utterly unsurprising, and the latest involves Pandora.

Turtles frontmen Flo and Eddie, having defeated Sirius in the State of California, have now set their sights on Pandora. According to Hollywood Reporter, a case was filed 10/1/14 as a class action suit.

According to HR, the plaintiffs are asking for $25M.

Other developments have been the loss of internet-based Grooveshark to labels in the State of New York, and an appeal filed by Sirius seeking to overturn its loss to the Turtles.

RBR-TVBR observation: The fact that the digital royalty instigators are Turtles seems entirely appropriate, because this is not going to be a quick-hitting, Hare-style process.

We’re talking multiple states and an untold number of aggrieved musicians with an untold number of digital platforms to target.

Does this not seem like the type of situation that demands a federal solution? That sure is what it looks like to us, and if Congress decides to jump into this, it could be the royalty free-for-all to end them all.

So far terrestrial radio has been untouched by this, but we think there is great potential it will get dragged into it at some point.