And you thought it could get expensive for licensees


Leave a key document out of your public file for a couple of reporting cycles and it could cost you $10K. Be glad. If you were to send an unsolicited fax blast to people who decide to make a federal case out of it by complaining to the FCC the fines can add up fast, because, to paraphrase the good people at Frito Lay, nobody can fax just one. A company called The Hot Lead LLC sent 110 unsolicited faxes, good for a $4.5K per fax fine, or $495. There were 20 others sent to individuals who specifically requested no more faxes – they were hit with $10K fines, or $200K, for a grand total of $695K. Another company, Sunstar Travel and Tours, was hit with a total $169.5K fine for a similar offense. Hot Lead appears to be a quirky general store kind of fax blaster. It was advertising “…mortgage financing, health and life insurance, credit and debit card services, interior shutters, custom-logo shirts/T-shirts, fax advertising and sales leads.”