Animal Stories: Dolphin Sells Silent AM To Flying Ant


PORTLAND, ORE. — Many years ago, listeners to the morning show hosted by Larry Lujack on WLS-AM 890 were entertained by “Animal Stories.”

Well, here’s one for you: A dolphin has just sold a dark radio station serving the Rose City’s western suburbs to a flying ant.

High atop Cooper Mountain in the Aloha North area of Beaverton, Ore., on the left bank of the Willamette River, is the tower for silent KUIK-AM 1360.

Now, licensee Dolphin Radio LLC is selling the station, licensed for 5kw from 1 tower during daylight hours and from 4 towers at night, when a directional signal is used.

The buyer is Flying Ant LLC, and it is paying $50,000 for the Portland, Ore.-market facility.

A $10,000 escrow deposit is being held by Michael Couzens, the legal counsel representing Dolphin Radio in this transaction.

The buyer is led by Amanda Brockman. She has no other media interests. Investors in Flying Ant include trial attorney Jason Skelton.

KUIK discontinued operations “for financial reasons” on March 31, with a request for a silent STA filed July 25.

Flying Ant is acquiring equipment that includes an Orban 9200 audio processor and Broadcast Electronics AM5E KW AM transmitter.


— RBR+TVBR Portland Bureau, Woodlawn