Another attempt to overturn Citizens United


U.S. Supreme CourtDemocrats have received enough support to continue the debate on a proposal to amend the Constitution in an effort to upend the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling. But as is the case with most attempts to amend the Constitution, this effort is not expected to succeed.

TPM DC noted that the Democrats managed to earn the right to debate the measure on the strength of a 79-18 procedural vote. But TPM also notes the measure has almost no chance in the face of “fierce Republican opposition,” which includes the threat of the standard filibuster-hurdle requiring 60 votes to make it out of the Senate.

It would then have to be endorsed by 67% of both the House and the Senate and also get the approval of 75% of all state legislatures.

According to TPM DC, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has no problem talking about this issue, and at the same time will have no problem assuring that it never gets out of the Senate.