AOL tops music and television sites in September



AOL’s music and television sites were the most visited in September according to the just released comScore media metrix report. AOL Music has been #1 in the category for the entire year and is currently the only music site with over 20 million unique visitors a month, while AOL Television garnered more than 16 million monthly visitors in September. 



Top Music Sites

1. AOL Music- 23,054,000- unique visitors; 507,000,000- total page views

2. Yahoo! Music- 19,666,000- unique visitors; 178,000,000- total page views

3. MTV Networks Music- 18,591,000- unique visitors; 290,000,000- total page views

4. MySpace Music- 16,845,000- unique visitors; 247,000,000- total page views

5. ARTISTdirect Network- 14,547,000- unique visitors; 113,000,000- total page views

Top Television Sites

1. AOL Television, 13,626,000- unique visitors; 332,000,000- total page views

2. Yahoo! TV, 13,371,000- unique visitors; 201,000,000- total page views

3. 12,627,000- unique visitors; 96,000,000- total page views

4. Disney Channel TV Network- 12,534,000- unique visitors; 319,000,000- total page views

5. MSN TV- 10,721,000- unique visitors; 153,000,000- total page views

RBR/TVBR observation: Are you seeing the value of a website with unique content? The key – the Unique Visitor is the metric.