Apple readying HD Radio push for Macworld


Apple plans a push for iTunes Tagging-ready, HD Radio-equipped boomboxes with iPod docks during the mid-January Macworld Expo in San Francisco, reports iPod site iLounge. Remember, iTunes Tagging enables consumers using HD Radio receivers, equipped with a Tag button, to “tag” songs they hear on FM HD Radio stations, sync with their iPods and then be presented with the option to buy the selected songs on iTunes.

Aside from Polk Audio’s I-Sonic Entertainment System 2 and JBL, iPod accessory manufacturers such as Sony, Griffin Technology, and Cambridge Soundworks have all announced HD Radio products, although none have specifically announced iTunes Tagging support. These brands are likely the ones that will also be featured at Macworld hosting iTunes tagging.

Alpine also announced a car HD Radio stereo with an iPod dock and iTunes tagging. Rumor has it JVC will be showing a similar iTunes tagging receiver at CES Las Vegas. Other brands will also debut iTunes tagging receivers at CES, we’ve heard.

Apple plans to offer participating stations a revenue share for songs referred to and purchased on iTunes.