Apple’s iTunes Radio spreading its wings


iTunes RadioApple’s iTunes Radio streaming service may officially launch any day outside the US, with the service reportedly showing up on iOS devices in the UK, Canada and Australia. AppleInsider says that readers in both countries have seen the iTunes Radio service show up within the Music app on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

In the UK, the users say they’re able to stream music using iTunes Radio, while the Canadians who’re seeing the service are as yet unable to use it.

“Over the past few days, Apple’s iTunes Radio feature has been showing up on iOS devices in Australia, Canada and the UK despite being officially limited to U.S. users, suggesting an international rollout of the service may be coming soon, noted the story. “According to reports from Canadian users, the iTunes Radio pane is accessible but not usable. Graphical assets may be scrolled through and will pull up relevant artist or song information if tapped, but streaming is so far unavailable. One user from Australia saw the service appear briefly earlier this week, but it has since disappeared.”

In the UK, iPhone and iPad owners are seeing a bit more luck and note iTunes Radio is active and streaming in the region. Graphical assets are non-functional in some cases, but the service is streaming music over cellular data networks.

See the AppleInsider story here.