Apple's "iTV" may ship as soon as Q2


Looks like the news that Apple is readying a launch of a new HDTV that relies on wireless streaming technology to access shows, movies and other content is coming true sooner than expected. Apple’s supply chain will begin preparing materials for an Apple-branded television set in Q1 of next year in advance of a Q2 or Q3 launch, a Taiwan industry pub DigiTimes reported. Industry sources are claiming preparations for the much-rumored Apple HDTV (“iTV”) will begin early next year.

In the recent meetings with media companies, the Apple executives, including SVP Eddy Cue, have outlined new ways Apple’s technology could recognize users across phones, tablets and TVs. In at least one meeting, Apple described future television technology that would respond to users’ voices and movements. Such technology, of course, would allow users to use their voices to search for a show or change channels.

Some specifics in its talks with media companies included new ways they could stream media companies’ content, allowing a user to watch a video on a TV set, then pick up another device, such as a smartphone, and keep watching the video on the move.

The TV device Apple is working on would use a version of Apple’s wireless-streaming technology AirPlay to allow users to control it from iPhones and iPads. Whether it would receive traditional broadcast or cable signals remains unclear.

Supply chain insiders claimed that Apple would initially release 32- and 37-inch versions of the iTV. A separate report out of Japan early this month also suggested that the company was looking at an entry-level size of 32 inches, though it went on to state that Apple would release three different sizes, with the largest maxing out at 55 inches. Reports out of Korea claim that Samsung began producing chips for the device in November. Sharp is rumored to begin production of the display for the set in February.