Arbitron, 20 years behind the times


Arbitron continues to verify it is 20 years behind the times with the PPM.  My Sellers quit carrying pagers that long ago because they pinched beltlines, got lost, and were left at home in purses. Now we carry cell phones.  The PPM has all the drawbacks of a pager, inclusive of a separate desktop charger!  Can we get a little technology here, Arbitron!  People might wear a watch.  People might affix a slender reader to the back of their cell phone, or should we even suggest, Arbitron could give an encoded cell phone and free service to panelists.  Bet they’d carry the PPM then, and we might find much better respondent rates across ethnicity and demographics.  A hurried product like the PPM’s miserable failure would be off the shelves and in artifact displays featuring Edsels and turntables.  Ah, but good old broadcasters, we seem to have the spine of a jellyfish.  Keep feeding us s**t and we’ll complain about how lousy it tastes, but we keep eating it!  Do we ever stand up and say enough is enough?

Mike Ginsburg, GM
Fresno, CA