Arbitron makes its home in Maryland


When Michael Skarzynski came on board in January as CEO of Arbitron, the company said he would make the campus in Columbia, MD his main office. Now Arbitron has made it official that the company headquarters is in Maryland, with the New York outpost now downgraded to a sales office.

“I want to live and work where the operational core of our business resides. Columbia is home to Arbitron’s state-of-the-art research campus and it’s important for me and our executives to work in the same location as the teams who are creating new solutions for our current customers and new services for our expanding markets,” said Skarzynski.

“Arbitron’s decision to move its headquarters to Maryland will build on the company’s already significant presence here and add to the economic climate of our State,” said Governor Martin O’Malley. “Maryland is continuing to outperform the nation in many key economic indicators, which when combined with our highly educated workforce, gives Arbitron a unique competitive advantage to grow in today’s ever-changing business climate,” the governor added.

Since 1994, Columbia, Maryland has been the heart of Arbitron’s survey research, engineering and data collection/production operations. On a worldwide basis, the company employs 1,084 full-time and 484 part-time employees. Located in Maryland are 767 full-time employees representing 71% of Arbitron’s full-time workforce and 269 part-time employees or 56 percent of the company’s part-time workforce.

The New York City location, which had been corporate HQ under former CEO Steve Morris, will remain open and continue to operate as a sales office.

RBR/TVBR observation: What changes? Nothing really, but Arbitron scores some good political points, with the Governor of Maryland publicly hailing the move.