Arbitron releases RADAR 98


Arbitron released its September 2008 RADAR radio network audience reports (RADAR 98), covering the period June 28, 2007 to June 25, 2008, which includes PPM and diary respondents. Dial Global’s Contemporary Network topped the P12+ chart and its Adult Power took second place—a first for the company.

Dial Global also has solid footing amongst the top 5 networks, with Adult Power coming in second, also with a 2.6 average rating and an average audience of 6.5 million, and the DG Complete FM Network attracting an average audience of 5.8 million and an average rating of 2.3 in the 4th place spot.

Overall, RADAR networks were relatively flat, declining 0.4% overall with Adults 25-54 and -0.3% with Adults 18-49. AURN and CMN saw the largest increases book to book. Dial Global, with the former Jones Media America networks, decreased overall -1.2% with Adults 18-49 and -1.9% with Adults 25-54.

ABCRN, with the largest share of Adults 25-54 Gross Impressions, decreased -3.2% overall. PRN, with the largest share of Adults 18-49 Gross Impressions, decreased -2.4% overall.

RADAR 98 marks an increase in sample size to more than 275,000 respondents.  By December 2008, Arbitron plans to increase the sample size to 300,000 respondents. This is part of a continuing sample increase initiative and is in line with Arbitron’s commitment to enhance the quality of its RADAR service and ensure more granular information is available to clients by demographics, dayparts and by individual markets in the Top 150 DMAs.

The RADAR 98 September 2008 release is the fourth RADAR release to include both PPM and diary respondents. The PPM data included in the RADAR 98 release are from the Houston-Galveston and Philadelphia Metro markets for the Summer 2007, Fall 2007, Winter 2008 and Spring 2008 surveys. Because RADAR audience estimates are based on four quarterly surveys, the PPM respondents for Houston-Galveston and Philadelphia account for 100 percent of those Metro market’s audience estimates.

During the RADAR 98 survey period, 72% of U.S. consumers ages 12+ heard one or more network radio commercials in the course of a week. Among the prime audience demographics sought by advertisers, the commercials aired on the 58 radio networks reached:

• 73 percent of Persons 18+
• 72 percent of Persons 35+
• 74 percent of Persons 18-49
• 74 percent of Persons 25-54 


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