ARNN to launch next news block in Q2?


America’s Radio News Network (ARNN) is currently providing three, 3-hour news blocks (9 hours back to back radio news) combined with TRN-E’s America’s Morning News — a total of 12 hours of all-news coverage available to affiliates nationwide. As ARNN is planning to launch a 4th 3-hour news block, we asked CEO Mark Masters a bit about the progress so far and when that block will launch: “People are saying, why didn’t anybody think of this sooner? I’m sure a lot of people thought of doing it sooner and nobody acted – we did. Between ARNN and TRN Entertainment/Washington Times’ America’s Morning News, we have 12 hours of all-news programming in approximately 150 markets.”

He tells us the last block of news will launch “…maybe in Q2 – that’s the level of response we’ve gotten. News is both highly sellable and highly compatible with the PPM – especially the way we do it, 10-12 stories and 4-6 audio actualities every 9 minutes.”

Masters also provided us with more color on Lori Lundin, co-anchor of its Noon – 3 p.m. ET, long-form news block: “The response has been incredible. We’re very honored to have Lori on the team. She has incredible journalistic chops, and that’s what the news is all about: getting the story right the first time.”

Lori Lundin

Prior to joining ARNN and before anchoring mornings on Fox News Radio, Lundin was a reporter on Heritage News Talker KFBK Sacramento where she  received the Northern California, Radio and Television News Directors Association award for her breaking news coverage while reporting for the station. 

Lundin is known for her authoritative delivery covering the expanse of international, political and social issues of the day along with her writing abilities and creative use of sound. She has traveled extensively through Central and South America along with South East Asia and brings knowledge learned during these travels around the world. 

Masters noted that more anchor announcements for the network are imminent.

America’s Morning News (AMN), airing from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. Monday-Friday is another 3-hour long-form all-news program option, presented by The Washington Times and Talk Radio Network Entertainment.  ARNN’s programming blocks combined with AMN makes a full 12 hours of weekday long-form all-news programming available to affiliates across the nation. AMN airs on 15 of the top 30 markets, including: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Boston, Washington, D.C. and Seattle.