Art Bell wants Premiere to stop “Somewhere in Time”


Art BellArt begins on Sirius XM next week from 10 pm to 2 am, but has already stated a couple times that he’s asked Premiere to end the Saturday night encore broadcasts of his Coast to Coast AM days in the 90s and early 2000s.

From Art’s Facebook page: “I want to thank all of you for the many messages that never in a zillion Years I could answer. There is not much I can say now. However some Months ago I asked Premiere to stop my Saturday replay, I thought they had run their course and I wanted them gone for reasons I will not state here. They refused and continue to this day for reasons I still don’t understand, so thank Premiere for my new show. I also want to thank George for signing his new LONG term contract. Without those two things I would not be going back on air. I would only add that if Premiere is going to continue my Saturday show, please tag it at the end with…”for new shows, please tune to Sirius/XM 104. I wanted my name dropped from the show as well as my Saturday shows stopped to be blunt because I hated the direction the show had taken and no longer wanted to be associated with it.”

Premiere owns Coast to Coast AM now and they can do what they please with it, so Art may be out of luck. Somewhere in Time is one of the largest Saturday night syndicated programs, from what we’ve heard.

Premiere tells RBR-TVBR: “Somewhere in Time with Art Bell remains very popular with listeners and airs on more than 300 stations.  To remove the show from our weekend lineup would be a disservice to those affiliates and their listeners, many of whom have already expressed their desire to keep the show on the air.”

When Art Bell decided to retire in 2003, Premiere knew he could never be replaced or replicated.  Instead, they searched for a host who could respect the history and essence of the show, while offering something new to the audience.  The company was fortunate to find the best of both worlds in George Noory.  Since his addition to Coast to Coast AM, the program has reached an all-time affiliate high of nearly 570 stations and revenue has increased substantially. Coast to Coast AM also continues to be the most-listened-to overnight program in North America.


  1. Do not stop “Somewhere in Time” Im a Art Bell fan. been one for over 20 years. I really look forward to the show. I like George also.

    But Art will alway be the NIGHT KING? Thank you Roy kennedy

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