Ashley Hebert: Brad 'The Bachelor' and I Wanted Different Things Out of Life (video)


RBR-TVBR’s Stacey B just had this conversation with Ashley Hebert about Brad ‘The Bachelor’ and why she Wanted Different Things Out of Life.  On a recent press call with Ashley H, the bubbly, (pictured) 4th year dental student who would definitely consider being the next Bachelorette, had the following to say:

Q:  On your fantasy date night, what did you guys talk about other than mosquito nets that we didn’t see during your time there?

A: Brad and I talked about a lot of things…I feel like we should have talked about the important questions that we touched upon at dinner, but we just continued on with a really fun, light relationship and I think that’s where things went wrong…I didn’t answer all the questions that he needed.  He didn’t answer all the questions that I had, so I think in the end, we ran out of time and that night was just the demise of our relationship.

Q: Did you ever think that the fact that you two are in very different places in your life would affect you getting the final rose?

A: It’s really funny, because a lot of people think that we were in very different places, but in my mind, we were actually right at the same spot.  I think he thought my career was just beginning for me, the hard part was – which was school, was coming to a close.  So I think that I never really thought of us as being in different points in our life.  I thought we were right on track, so in my mind, I’ll never quite agree with that, but I think we just wanted different things out of life.

Q: Who do you think is the best match for Brad (Chantal O or Emily)?

A: It changes from week to week. I thought Chantal O until the last episode and now I’m a little more apt to say that he’s falling in love with Emily.  In terms of what I think Brad wants out of life and in a relationship, I think Emily’s probably a better match, but I love him and Chantal together.  I love the way the complement each other well and bring out this playfulness that I really like to see.

Stacey B: (this was my question): You guys seemed to have a strong connection at the beginning of the show and even when you were leaving, I sensed that there could have still been something more there.  Are you currently over the whole situation and over Brad? Or if for some reason his current choice doesn’t work out, would you be willing to strike it up back with him?

A: Oh, that’s a great question [sorry, couldn’t help but insert her response to this!]. Yes, so I think that, we had, no doubt, something that was really really strong. It went very unspoken.  It was something that we could have had a really great relationship.  I think that throughout the process, I never handled it well. I never made good use of our time.  So I do take responsibility for a lot of wasted time which I think ultimate ended in me going home.  What was the second part of your question?

Stacey B: If it doesn’t work out with whoever he chooses, would you get back in there?

A: Oh, that’s really funny. I think, watching the show, I’ve come to realize that we are very different people and I think ultimately we both want very different things out of life, so I don’t know if…I mean that’s a tough question. It’s so hypothetical.  I don’t know if I’d ever consider dating him again, but who knows?

Stacey B: Ok, thank you.

Ashley: Thanks. Good question.

Q: If your date had come before Emily’s date, do you think things might have gone a little differently?

A: I actually do. I think that since I was directly after Emily, he was done for. I think he fell for her.  He knew what was going to happen and I think part of the downfall of that date had to do with him falling in love with her directly, right before. I do think it played a role, but then I again, I think he had stronger feelings for both Chantal and Emily; stronger than what he felt for me.  So I don’t know if it would have changed the end result, but I certainly think the quality of our date would have been a little bit better.

Q: Do you think that Brad’s a little bit of a hypocrite, because he’s telling all of you guys that it’s a two-way street and the second you voiced some hesitance about moving to Austin, he seemed like he was not interested in continuing the conversation with you anymore, because you weren’t willing to maybe uproot your life?

A: What’s really funny is I would have been happy to move to Austin.  That was not even a compromise for me. It’s just, if I were to tell you what I honestly felt, I think him coming down on me that night had nothing to do with moving to Austin. I think he just really felt stronger for someone else and he wanted to highlight all of the reasons why we wouldn’t work out as a way to kind of not lead me on.

Q: Do you feel like you were falling in love with Brad? Were you in love with him and should you have said it?

A: When I was there, I personally didn’t feel like I was ready to say “I love you.” I …I think I was falling in love with him, but I couldn’t say it to him.  I don’t know if it was because I was guarded.  I don’t know if was because I was just feeling it, but what I can say it that when I got home, I realized that I did love him.  But that point, it was too late.  What was done was done.

When the call ended, the moderator said that Monday’s Women Tell all would be “a very interesting show…with some surprises.”  Hopefully that will be interesting!

By Stacey B

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