ATSC 3.0: Just Call It ‘NEXTGEN TV’


Wondering what to call ATSC 3.0, the “next-gen” broadcast TV service that is being voluntarily adopted by UHF and VHF stations across the U.S.?

There’s now an industry-approved name for it — and a snazzy logo which will distinguish forthcoming devices capable of receiving the new digital broadcast signals.

In advance of ATSC-3.0 IP-enabled broadcast transmission in 2020, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) selected NEXTGEN TV as the go-to-market name for the new television technology.

In coordination with broadcasting companies, device manufacturers and standards engineers at CTA’s Technology & Standards Fall Forum, the CTA also unveiled the NEXTGEN TV logo for devices meeting newly developed ATSC 3.0 interoperability test specifications.

U.S. television affiliates begin widespread commercial deployment of NEXTGEN TV in 2020, delivering improved picture and audio and enhanced content and interactivity for viewers with NEXTGEN TVs.

“The NEXTGEN TV name and logo are the products of teamwork and innovation across sectors – from U.S. broadcasters to global tech device manufacturers to ATSC leadership,” said CTA President/CEO Gary Shapiro. “Ten years after the U.S. Digital TV transition was complete, we’re about to begin another national, over-the-air television transition. With this logo, consumers can easily tell which devices deliver the upgrades and interactivity NEXTGEN TV can provide.”

After multiple rounds of consumer research and extensive industry collaboration, CTA’s Video Division Board approved the NEXTGEN TV name and logo for consumer technology products – such as 4K Ultra HD TVs, gateway receivers and portable devices – that are optimized for the new standard.

“Broadcasters, equipment manufacturers and consumer technology companies all worked together to create this next-generation TV standard,” said ATSC President Madeleine Noland. “We are delighted to link arms to promote the new NEXTGEN TV logo and grateful to ATSC members, NAB and CTA for collaboratively developing the conformance program that will ensure consumers enjoy the many powerful new features that will enhance their TV viewing.”

NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith said his group “proudly endorses the NEXTGEN TV logo,” adding, “Broadcasters are committed to NEXTGEN TV technology that enhances the TV viewing experience with better picture quality, immersive audio and improved public safety features. We salute our consumer technology partners and look forward to NEXTGEN TV sets on store shelves next year.”

Pearl TV Managing Director Anne Schelle added, “It’s clear TV viewers will be excited, too. Our research shows a majority of U.S. consumers like the new NEXTGEN TV logo and what it conveys, and 42% say they’re likely to purchase a TV to enable NEXTGEN TV features.”

Eurofins Digital Testing provides the CTA with a suite of test materials and management services for NEXT GEN TV logo certification and conformance testing to ensure consumers enjoy the many powerful new features that will enhance their TV viewing.