A New ATX Content Management System Arrives


Audio content management, distribution and monitoring firm ATX Networks is now shipping the latest version of its content management system for its audio distribution platform. The newest version of the XDS Content Management System “empowers network operators to achieve new performance by leveraging virtualized and cloud environments for their audio distribution operations,” the company says.

The update includes support for the most recent versions of major operating systems and database platforms, enabling network operators to take advantage of the cost efficiency and flexibility of virtualized environments, including the cloud.

The new version of the XDS Content Management System also provides additional centralization capabilities and openness, further facilitating the simplification of complex operational environments and network health monitoring.

“The continued success of network operators depends heavily on their ability to cut operational costs and seamlessly evolve their networks to meet the expanding needs of listeners while fending off competitive threats,” said Jose Rivero, General Manager and Chief Technology Officer of Media Broadcast at ATX. “Achieving those goals hinges on the adoption of a new breed of audio distribution technology that enables network operators to reduce costs, increase performance and seize upon the benefits of software-defined tools and IP-based transport.”

ATX’s XDS Content Management System is a software-based solution designed to enable radio networks to deliver dynamic localized content and increase performance and productivity through automation and the elimination of overlapping features and functions. Web-based centralized control enables network operators to precisely and automatically distribute and schedule live or stored content to receivers located at stations or affiliates. A centralized model also streamlines the sales organization.

By adding support for the latest versions of Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server, as well as .Net Framework 4.0, ATX enables network operators to deploy their audio distribution and monitoring operations in virtualized server- and cloud-based environments.

ATX has also added improved status monitoring and network management to the XDS platform through the centralization of configuration, status and management information. Providing network operators with a single repository for storing all configuration information, as well as enabling third-party interoperability through open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), greatly simplifies the tracking, monitoring and management of an end-to-end, fully integrated audio distribution system.

Additional enhancements to the platform include support for the latest protocols and standards that promote the transition of network operators to an IP-based distribution environment.