Auction 84 offers AMs to limited bidding pool


GavelThe seeds of the AM stations that are about to go on the FCC auction block date all the way back to 11/6/03, when the FCC first announced a window for proposals aimed at their creation. Now, more than ten years later, their auction to a group of mutually-exclusive proponents has been announced.

It won’t happen until next year – the auction is scheduled for 5/6/14. The FCC is accepting comments about the plan of action due 12/6/13, with reply comments due 12/20/13.

The participants were given plenty of time to attempt to resolve their various mutual exclusivities, said the FCC, via settlement or technical modifications.

22 stations will be up for grabs, with limited bidding pools of from two to eight participants.

The Culver City group is the most expensive to play in, with a bidding unit of $25K; the second tier is priced at
a $10K bidding unit, and includes Spring Valley NV, Windsor VA, Henderson NV and Stony Point Town NY.

There are several complex situations, led perhaps by action for 1370 kHz attributed to Colorado Springs ($5K), which has eight bidders aiming for six different communities throughout three states; and 1600 kHz Huntsville AL ($3.5K), which has three bidders representing three different states.

Here’s what will be on the auctioneer’s shelf  next May:

* Huntsville AL, 1600 kHz, $3.5K, three bidders, one in town, plus Charlottesville VA and Warner Robins GA
* Chugiak AK, 1200 kHz, $5K, two bidders, one in-town plus Anchorage AK
* Kachina Village AZ, 1400 kHz, $2.5K, two bidders, one in-town plus Prescott Valley AZ
* Alturas CA, 1340 kHz, $1K, two bidders, one in-town plus Lakeview OR
* Coalinga CA, 1470 kHz, $2.5K, two bidders, one in-town plus Huron CA
* Culver City CA, 1500 kHz, $25K, two in-town bidders
* Colorado Springs CO, 1370 kHz, $5K, eight bidders, two in-town, plus two in Henderson NV and one each in Cimarron Hills CO, Las Vegas NM, Bunkerville NV and Whitney NV
* Eaton CO, 1130 kHz, $3.5K, two bidders, one in-town plus Ravena NE
* Micanopy FL, 1090 kHz, $5K, two bidders, one in-town plus Winter Park FL
* Waynesboro GA, 1400 kHz, $1K, two bidders, one in-town plus Barnwell SC
* Kuna ID, 1220 kHz, $5K, two bidders, one in-town plus Middleton ID
* Bozeman MT, 1490 kHz, $2.5K, two in-town bidders
* Henderson NV, 620 kHz, $10K, two bidders, one in-town plus Boulder City NV
* Lovelock NV, 1490 kHz, $1K, two in-town bidders
* Spring Valley NV, 1540 kHz, $10K, four bides, one in-town, plus Las Vegas, Enterprise, Whitney, all NV
* Stony Point Town NY, 1700 kHz, $10K, four bidders, one in-town plus Monsey, Ramapo, Town of Haverstraw, all NY
* Deschutes River Woods OR, 1490 kHz, $2.5K two bidders, in-town, Bend OR
* Enola PA, 850 kHz, $5K, two in-town bidders
* Montoursville PA, 1450 kHz, $2.5K, two bidders, both in town
* Lebanon TN, 1410 kHz, $2.5K, two bidders, one in-town plus Adrian MI
* Canyon TX, 760 kHz, $3.5K, four bidders, one in town plus one each in Shallowater, San Angelo, Idalou, all TX
* Windsor VA, 720 kHz, $10K, two bidders, one in-town plus Portsmouth VA


  1. The real question is, does anybody want to invest in their AM station 10 years after they asked for their allocation? Can they even afford the land for their tower system after all this time has elapsed? Best of luck to the bidders that still want-in and will proceed all the way thru their construction permit to sign-on.

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