Audacy Corp. Promises ‘Addressable Audience’ Delivery


It’s been a topic of interest among marketers and advertisers for the last several years. And, for radio, achieving “addressable advertising” prowess hasn’t been easy.

Audacy Corp. believes it has a solution.

Introducing ADAN — the Audacy Digital Audience Network.

The audio content creation and distribution company formerly known as Entercom called ADAN “an addressable aggregate of over 60 million listeners that other audio platforms and streaming platforms do not reach.’

How so? As Audacy explains, each month the company connects with 200 million “fans” across its broadcast and digital assets.

More than 60 million of these listeners can be found on ADAN across its streaming content, on the Audacy app and on its podcasts.

“Through this high-performing audience solution, ADAN can target precise audiences at scale and deliver high-performing digital audio media strategies for Audacy’s advertising partners,” the company asserts. “Fully integrated into its tech stack, ADAN plans are optimized in real time, yielding actionable brand insights and detailed campaign reporting.”

Among the declarations from Audacy is that ADAN audiences skew “more affluent, are more likely to be college educated and are more diverse.” Then, there is the all-important unduplicated reach to listeners “that other audio platforms do not deliver.”

Audacy did not qualify this claim against competing organizations such as iHeartMedia.

“The creation of ADAN is exciting as we continue to build our Audacy streaming audio and podcast assets,” said Brian Benedik, Audacy Corp.’s Chief Revenue Officer. “The marketplace has moved to audience-based investment and our new ADAN offering is highly scaled with unduplicated digital listeners. We can target these audiences with precision and optimize campaign performance for better marketer outcomes. Our Audacy local and national sales teams are looking forward to working with our agency and brand partners in this capacity.”

Components of the Audience Network include Audacy’s broadcast brands; and podcasts from Audacy’s Cadence13, Pineapple Street Studios and American Public Media.

Exclusive stations, curated music stations from Audacy brands, talent and influencers and digital streams of MLB play-by-play broadcasts via flagship partnerships are also included in ADAN.