Audacy Shares Dip To New 2021 Low


Just days after President/CEO David Field snapped up more shares of his company’s stock, Audacy Inc. stock on Wednesday continued its month-long downturn.

As the clock struck 2pm Eastern, AUD was down to a price last seen in late December 2020.

The price: $2.72, reflecting a 4.6% dip from Tuesday’s trading.

If the closing price holds at this level, it would solidify a complete erasure of all 2021 share growth for the audio content and distribution company.

The latest dip sees Audacy Inc. shares fall by $1 per share since November 5, with AUD closing on that date at $3.75 per share.

Audacy’s market cap at 1pm was $385.5 million, and analysts maintain a $4.10 per share target price for AUD.

It was July 5 when Audacy stock was last at or near that price.

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