Audi gets saxy with Kenny G in Super Bowl spot


Most football and advertising fans will have taken care of any personal issues, located food and drink in a convenient location and will have settled into a comfortable viewing location when automaker Audi runs its 60-second commercial just after the game’s pening kick-off. Now we know those seeing the ad will be seeing smooth jazz icon Kenny G.

Audi says Kenny G’s comedic talents will be utilized in a prison break scenario in which he plays the role of the luxury prison Riot Suppressor.

The spot is called “Release the Hounds,” and the plot, according to Audio, “follows two pretentious inmates as they attempt to break out of a luxury prison. Challenging viewers to re-think luxury, the ad will feature a number of elements that recall the heyday of old lux. The multi-platinum sax man Kenny G was chosen for his unmistakable music, whose songs and stylings brings the audience back to a certain era.”

Audi of course plans to star one of its own products in the spot: the 2011 A8 sedan.

RBR-TVBR observation: In a past life, we made more than a few appearances on the local jazz circuit (and related musical circuits), and we can say that among the many sax players we knew, Mr. G would have been more likely to incite a prison escape than to suppress one. Admittedly, however, the jazz saxophonist demographic is statistically insignificant, particularly in terms of a football audience.

As far as it goes, we do not know of a single serious jazz-minded sax player who owned any music recorded by Kenny G. But Audi is safe in choosing to ignore this demo – not a single one of them drove an Audi, either.