Aunt Jemima comes out of five-year hibernation


The frozen breakfast offerings of Aunt Jemima have been off the airwaves since 2006, but will be back on TV with a campaign that highlights the company’s actual employees and includes a three-part social video series. Frozen waffles and pancakes will be the true stars of the commercials.

In fact, the TV commercial, from Jun Group, was originally intended for the company’s Facebook page, but the campaign has been expanded with a limited television buy that will take place in Hartford CT, Harrisburg PA, Tampa FL, Jacksonville FL, Cincinnati OH, Charlotte NC, Providence RI, Orlando FL and the company’s hometown of  Jackson TN.

“What started solely as a social and digital campaign changed when we saw how well people responded to Charley, Susie and Jennifer in the first video,” says Andy Reichgut, VP/marketing of frozen meals, Pinnacle Foods. “It was an easy decision to extend the campaign and feature our second video on TV, in addition to social media.”

Reichgut added, “We wanted to let America know that because we use real ingredients like the ones you can find in your own kitchen – milk, flour, eggs – our frozen pancakes and waffles taste just-like-homemade. And as proud as we are of what do put in our products, we’re just as proud of the ingredients we don’t use.”