Here Come The Updated ProMAX Panels


Auralex Acoustics is now shipping its updated ProMAX v2 Stand-Mounted Acoustical Panels.

ProMAX-v2_ApplicationThese are designed for a variety of spaces and applications, and can be implemented in any location where boundary-mounted acoustical treatments are not feasible or desired.

The unit features a 24” x 48” x 3″ absorptive Studiofoam panel with an updated angled reflective rear surface for tonal variability when rotated or flipped.

By altering the quantity, orientation and spacing of multiple ProMAX v2’s, users will be able to dial in the desired amount of room ambience.

The ProMAX v2 boasts a wide range of users and settings, including recording and performance applications in the studio.

Features include stand-mounted acoustical absorption panels, the reduction of unwanted acoustical reflections, the ability to tame chaotic reverberation, portability, and a melamine-free formula for durability.

The ProMAX v2 is 2’ wide x 4’ tall x 3” thick and comes in  Charcoal Gray, and Burgundy & Purple.