Azteca America adds full-power digital signals in top markets


Building on its flagship KAZA-TV Los Angeles and WCHU-LP Chicago, Azteca America announced that the Azteca Stations group will also include full-power digital multicast stations in New York, Miami and San Francisco.

Azteca America will now be carried on WMBC Channel 63.6 in New York, WSFL channel 39.2 in Miami and KOFY channel 20.4 in San Francisco.

“We are proud to have full-power digital signals in Los Angeles, New York, Miami and San Francisco and expect to have additional news regarding expanded coverage later this summer,” said Azteca America CEO Adrian Steckel.

KAZA General Manager Jorge Jaidar is now also Director of the Azteca Stations group, overseeing all five markets.

“We look forward to offering viewers and clients the level of operation, promotion and service that have made KAZA a strong player in the Los Angeles market,” said Jaidar. “We expect these coverage increases to have a positive effect on overall ratings going forward,” he added.