Baker’s dozen of LPTVs changing hands


A package of low power television stations and TV translators, ranging mostly from the Mississippi area to points west, is going from Hispanic Christian Community Network to Jennifer Juarez.

The stations are valued at less than $25K apiece on average. Total cost for the group is $320K.

The seller is headed by Antonio Cesar Guel.

Included in the deal are four pairs: W68DX and WGVI-LP Laurel-Hattiesburg MS (licensed respectively to Laurel and Hattiesburg); KZAB-LP and KJTN-LP Abilene TX; KZTE-LP and K11VO Fulton AR; and K11WE and K13YU Tonopah NV.

Also in the mix arte KRPO-LP Quartzite AZ; KXTY-LP Ely NV; KHDE-LP Laramie WY; K09XZ Lewiston MO; and WESLO-LP Jamestown KY.