Battle for the backseat


Kids watching TVThe challenge facing radio for control of the automobile dashboard has been front and center for some time now. But how about television’s in vehicle territory – the back?

Lexani Motorcars is taking the presence of television in vehicles to a new, luxurious level.

Coming in the 2015 Escalade will be Concept One Curve, “…a built-in 48″ 4K Technology Curved Smart TV.”

Lexani says that the system “…it is unmatched in its ability to be a premier theater one minute and a five-star mobile office the next. The curved smart TV—which rests on a proprietary electronic partition—is indeed impressive, but it is just one of the numerous amenities this discreet masterpiece boasts. The Concept One Curve is also equipped with an Apple iPad Air II, 24K gold-plated hardware, a Control4 touch screen management system, airline style tables, TracVision Satellite, security cameras and monitors, a raised ceiling with ambient LED lighting, a Mac Mini computer, video conferencing, and custom power chairs upholstered in the finest European leather.”

RBR-TVBR observation: To think that we gave the cold shoulder to a car salesman more than a decade ago because he thought our children needed a video device in the back seat and we disagreed.

We figured they saw plenty of television at home, thank you very much.

It really didn’t matter. In no time at all they had increasingly sophisticated electronic handheld games, and eventually that became access to the vast reaches of the worldwide web.

In our day all we had were books and intense territorial struggles with our siblings with which to occupy our time in the back of the car.