BBC Programming’s U.S. Distribution Stays With APM


American Public Media (APM) and BBC World Service have renewed their distribution partnership for BBC World Service’s English-language radio programming.

This ensures that the U.S. noncommercial radio stations presently airing the content will continue to receive it via APM for the next five years.

This is APM’s second distribution renewal with BBC World Service, and it will remain in place until June 2027.

As the only distributor of BBC World Service content in the U.S., APM services some 600 public radio station across the U.S.

APM took over the partnership in 2012.

BBC broadcasts include news and current affairs programming, including its flagship global daily program Newshour. In 2014, BBC and APM also introduced BBC Topline, a daily 90-second program recapping the world’s most important stories, curated for U.S. audiences.

In early 2020, the Deeply Human podcast was launched as a BBC World Service and APM co-production with iHeartMedia, exploring the psychology, biology and anthropological explanations of human traits.