BE unveils new digital automation platform


Broadcast Electronics (BE) returns to the Broadcast Asia conference in Singapore this week with a new digital automation system that is streamlining workflow in the radio studio. BE’s new AudioVAULT X platform takes advantage of the latest open automation model to bring advanced segue editing, interactive talent collaboration and sophisticated asset management to the studio.

"Radio broadcasters are telling us that they want to do more – more programs, more localization, more of radio in general. But, at the same time, they have fewer studios and even fewer people in those studios. The new AudioVAULT X platform is designed to fill that gap," said Ray Miklius, BE VP of Studio Systems.

BE’s new AudioVAULT X includes:

Advanced segue editor, for seamless voicetracking and localizing multiple stations from a centralized studio.
Personalized studio setups that combine studio tools and applications from more than one source into a single workspace.

Sophisticated asset management. AudioVAULT X has a better, faster search engine and more tools to categorize and manage audio assets for personalizing and repurposing music libraries for new channels on the air and on the Web.  

Multi-thread engine for live, interactive workgroup collaboration.