Bellamy Brothers, 'Hank fm 103.5' make Dream Happen for critically ill


Duo helps family through radio contest. Pioneering Country duo helps one family’s dreams come true, when Barbra W a citizen of Panama City won a weekend stay at the Bellamy Brothers’ beach house estate in Sunset, FL through Hank fm 103.5.

Barbra W had been holding on to the dream of escaping to the beach for a getaway for several years. Which is why she was ecstatic, when the call came in from Hank fm telling Barbra W she had one. The call came the same day Barbra’s step-mother was undergoing brain surgery for a life threatening brain tumor that had been extremely taxing on the entire family for the last several years.

Furthermore, Barbra W stated in a radio interview with Melissa Miller of Hank FM 103.5 Panama City Beach that winning the contest was a life changing experience for both her and her family because of step-mother struggle with the brain tumor, which had affected the family for many years.

Also, Barbra stated that winning the getaway created an opportunity, which would have never been possible for her and her family allowing them to take a moment to reflect on life and celebrate the recovery of their loved one.

When the Bellamy Brothers were asked how the winner’s story made them feel, they said “We are truly inspired by the news and grateful that our music could in some way enhance the life of a person and their loved ones, we will continue to work hard to keep on making dreams come true!” 

(source: Shane Wooten)