Benchmark for National Geographic Channel


FacebookCable stalwart National Geographic Channel uses 38 separate Facebook feeds sorted by region, and it’s paid off with a Facebook community numbering 50 million.

“This 50 million-strong Facebook community allows us to keep all of our fans engaged at both the global and the local levels in all of the entertainment and information that National Geographic Channels offer. It’s a whole different level of experience with one of the best know media brands in the world,” said Liz Dolan, Chief Marketing Officer, National Geographic Channels International.

NGC says its 50M Facebook fans make it the #2 TV brand on the social media service.

Describing the working of the FB operation, NGC stated, “National Geographic Channel’s Facebook fans are now automatically assigned to one of 38 unique regional or country feeds based on their location. This ensures users receive the most relevant television schedule and show content information in their timelines based on their country.

New fans can “Like” the National Geographic Channel page from wherever they are to see local posts from the Channel, including news of National Geographic Channel events, personalities, programming, promotional offers and tune-in.”

The cable channel is a joint venture of National Geographic and Fox Networks.