Bermudez gets three-quarters of LMA


WSUA-AM is licensed to WSUA Broadcasting Corporation, which in turn is a subsidiary of El Dorado Broadcasting Corporation. Its minority ownership segment is remaining intact, but a 75% stake in the company is being sold to Eucario Bermudez.

The seller is Alejandro Santo Domingo. The remaining 25% remains in the hands of GLR Services Inc., headed by Carlos Azcarate.

The 75% represents 75 shares in the license company, and Bermudez is getting it for $266,625 cash.
What is being sold isn’t so much the opportunity to own and operate a radio station. It’s the opportunity to collect a monthly rent check while somebody else operates the station. And of course, maintain a proper management oversight role and fulfilling all other FCC obligations.

In this case, the station is being operated by Caracol Broadcasting Inc. pursuant to a Station Operating Agreement that dates to 4/1/03. According to the SOA document accompanying the transaction application, Caracol is paying $20K monthly plus expenses to run the station.

It is said to be the pre-eminent Spanish news-talker in the market. It’s a Class B on 1260 kHz with 50 kW-D, 20 kW-N, DA2. Its main contour makes it all the way to Ft. Lauderdale in the night, and is better during the day.